2 Ways to Remove Ads on Disney Plus

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  • 4 March, 2024
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Currently, many popular streaming apps have started showing ads and raised the price of their ad-free subscriptions to make more money. As a result, the cost of the ad-free subscription is nearly double that of the ad-supported plan, leading more and more viewers to opt for the ad-supported option.

Does Disney Plus have Ads? Yes, Disney+ offers an ad-supported tier called Disney+ Basic, which is priced at $8 per month, the same as the original cost of Disney+ without ads. If you opt for Disney Plus Basic due to financial constraints, you can explore two methods to block or eliminate ads from your Disney Plus experience.

block disney plus ads

1. Method One: Remove Ads from Disney+ By Downloading

The most effective method is to download Disney+ content as local files, ensuring an ad-free playback experience. While there are numerous tools available for downloading Disney Plus movies or shows, VidiCable stands out as it is fully compatible with Disney Plus Basic. With this tool, you can enjoy your favorite titles offline on PC, Mac, or other devices without ads, removing the necessity to upgrade to the ad-free plan.

What's great is that the app supports not only Disney Plus but also a wide range of streaming video services, including Netflix, Amazon, Peacock, Hulu, and more. It keeps adding support for more sites. By using it, you can stream any of your favorite content with ease.

vidicable video downloader
Features of VidiCable Video Recorder:
  • Store Disney+ Movie on PC or Mac to Watch Offline
  • Work at 5X faster than traditional recorders.
  • Bulit-in player enables you to play movies within the app.
  • Save different audio tracks and subtitles based on your customizations.
  • No need to install any plugs or additional apps.
Download Win Download Mac

Tutorial: Download Ad-free Disney Plus Movie Uisng VidiCable

Step 1 Launch VidiCable, select Disney+ from the supported list and then log in to your Disney+ Basic account.

log in

Step 2 Search for the movie or show you want to download and click on it from the results to activate the download icon.

search for video

Step 4 Click on the green download button, you can then choose which episodes to download, as well as further adjust the advanced options.

advanced download

Step 5 The final step is to hit the Download. The download process will be shown on the right panel. Just wait for a while, the video will be stored locally. You can watch them as you wish.

download video

Method Two: Using Disney Plus Ad Blocker

If you don't require offline playback and simply want to block Disney+ ads for free, then these Disney Plus ad blockers would be an excellent option for you.

Best 4 Ads Blockers

uBlock Origin: uBlock Origin is a free and open-source ad blocking extension for various web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It is known for its efficiency in blocking ads and other unwanted content while consuming fewer system resources compared to other ad blockers.

AdBlock Plus: AdBlock Plus is another widely used ad blocking extension that is available for multiple web browsers. In addition to blocking traditional ads, it also offers features like malware protection, filter lists, and the ability to allow non-intrusive ads through its "Acceptable Ads" program.

AdBlock is a popular ad blocking extension for web browsers that allows users to effectively block advertisements and other unwanted content while browsing the internet. It is designed to enhance the online experience by reducing distractions, improving page loading times, and providing a cleaner, more streamlined interface.

AdBlock offers customizable options, allowing users to whitelist specific websites or customize their ad blocking preferences. This can be useful for supporting favorite content creators while still enjoying an ad-free experience on other sites.

Ghostery Ad Blocker is a feature within the Ghostery browser extension that focuses specifically on blocking advertisements and improving the overall browsing experience by removing unwanted ads from web pages. In addition to blocking ads, Ghostery Ad Blocker also helps enhance privacy and security by preventing tracking scripts and other potentially harmful elements from loading on websites.

Steps to Using Ads Blockers

Step 1: Install your selected Ad blocker from Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Once the ad blocker is installed, you can customize its settings to block or allow certain types of ads.

Step 3: With the ad blocker activated, now you can navigate to Disney Plus website, and start enjoying your favorite content without the disturbance of advertisements.

disney plus ad blocker

It's important to note that certain ad blockers may not always work effectively due to the continuous updates made by Disney Plus. Additionally, they might slow down webpage loading times or even conflict with specific website features, which could be inconvenient for users.


In summary, this article has explained two good ways to get rid of ads on Disney Plus. Using ad-blocking software from other companies is a good option for stopping ads. Also, a strong Disney+ downloader is helpful for people who want to watch without ads. You can select the most suitable option based on your preferences and budget.


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