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Key features of VidiCable

VidiCable lets you record your favorite videos from Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion, Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Paramount+, Discovery+, Peacock and more with ease. (Supported Sites)

Record from Any Site, Anytime, Anywhere

VidiCable offers you the liberty to record videos from various popular platforms, including Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion, Abema, and more - all of which are free to use. Whether it's a gripping movie, an entertaining show, or any other video content, VidiCable has got you covered. Once recorded, you can:

  • Share your recorded videos seamlessly with friends and family, and relive your cherished moments without any internet connectivity restrictions.
  • Enjoy your captured videos without any distractions. There are no annoying time limitations, intrusive watermarks, or pesky advertisements.
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Upgrade to Unlock Advanced Recording Streaming Video

For those seeking even more versatility, VidiCable offers an optional upgrade. By choosing this upgrade, you gain access to a powerful streaming video recorder. Now you can effortlessly record shows and movies from renowned streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Paramount+, Discovery+, Peacock, Apple TV+, NHK+, Crunchyroll, and more on both Windows and Mac computers.

Say goodbye to device limits, time restrictions, and commercials. Take your favorite streaming videos with you on any device and watch them at your convenience.

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Unparalleled Video Quality & Seamless Compatibility

From YouTube to Vimeo and beyond, this tool ensures that your recorded videos maintain their high quality. In fact, you can capture your favorite YouTube videos in up to 8K resolution - a level of detail that brings your viewing experience to life. For other platforms, enjoy up to 1080P quality - ensuring crystal clear visuals.

Furthermore, VidiCable understands the importance of wide compatibility when it comes to playing back your recorded videos. That's why all videos recorded with VidiCable will be saved in widely compatible MP4 or MKV formats. This allows for easy transfer and playback on various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

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Supported Sites

VidiCable grants you the ability to watch videos offline from the most popular streaming providers like Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, Max, Paramount+, Discovery+, Peacock, Apple TV+, Hotstar, NHK+, U-NEXT, DMM TV, Crunchyroll, Abema and more.


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