How to Play Hulu Video on TV

In 2007, NBC Universal and Fox partnered to create the Hulu streaming platform. In 2019, Disney bought a majority stake in Hulu, taking full control of the platform. Hulu is known for delivering the latest episodes of TV shows the next day. That is, if an episode airs on Monday, you'll see the same episode on Hulu on Tuesday. So if you want to watch TV shows right after they air, Hulu is the best choice. Hulu offers a ton of premium content, including Grey's Anatomy, Constantine, Bones, The Simpsons, Dr. Chance, Harlots, Game of Thrones, etc.

As the advantage of Hulu is that it provides excellent TV works, users tend to watch videos from Hulu on TV. But how? Here we are going to tell you how to play Hulu video on your TV.

play hulu video on tv

Method 1: Play Hulu video on TV through internal app

1. Install Hulu app on your TV and launch the app.

2. Log in to your Hulu account and activate it.

3. Select the video you want to watch and play it.

Note: You can only install Hulu app to TVs that support Hulu. To check the supported devices, please visit this website.

Method 2: Play Hulu video on TV through screen casting

1. Install the latest version of Hulu on your mobile device.

2. Open the app on your mobile device and log in to your Hulu account. Note: Make sure that your screen casting device is powered on and connected to the same network as your mobile device.

3. Select the Cast icon on Hulu and choose the device you want to connect with.

4. Choose the video you want to watch and play it.

Method 3: Play Hulu video on TV through USB drive

If you want to watch Hulu video on TV through a USB drive, you need to download the video and save it to your USB drive first. To download videos from Hulu, you need a video downloader, here we have a professional video downloader named VidiCable for you.

VidiCable Video Downloader is a professional all-in-one program that helps to download videos from online streaming platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max, Discovery+, Paramount+, YouTube, TikTok, etc. It is designed as concise and user-friendly and can be used on both Windows and Mac systems. Downloaded videos can keep high output quality with multilingual audio tracks and subtitles well preserved. Restricted by current technology, downloaded Hulu videos can only reach 720P. However, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube videos, etc. can reach 1080P and YouTube videos can reach higher to 8K.

vidicable video downloader

Features of VidiCable Hulu Downloader:

  • Donwload videos from Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Dailymotion, etc. for free.
  • Upgrade to save shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Discovery+, Paramount+.
  • Record your interested videos in MP4 or MKV format.
  • Keep multilingual audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Safe and clean, without any ads or plugins.
Download Win Download Mac

Tutorial: How to Download Videos from Hulu with VidiCable

VidiCable is available both on Windows and Mac systems. Please install it on your computer before reading the tutorial.

Step 1 Select Website

Run VidiCable Video Downloader, following will be a pop-up window showing different websites for you. Select Hulu and the program will restart to apply to your selection.

select website
Step 2 Log in to Hulu

Click Sign In and you will be asked to log in to your Hulu account. Please log in your account as required.

Step 3 Set Output Settings

Click the Settings icon and you can customize the output settings in the corresponding window. You can choose the output quality, video format, audio language, subtitle language, etc. there.

select download settings
Step 4 Search for Videos

VidiCable Video Downloader comes with an integrated Hulu browser, enabling users to utilize the software in a manner similar to the original platform. You can search for the video you want to download in the search box by entering the name of the video. VidiCable will list all the related results for you.

search videos
Step 5 Customize Advanced Settings

Opt for the video's thumbnail, and you'll be able to access the video's detailed information page. Meanwhile, the download button, which is gray in the lower right corner, will alter its color to green.

If you want to download a movie, you can click the Download icon to open the Advanced Download window and choose the audio track and subtitle language. If you want to download a TV show, you can click the download icon, where you can select the season and title of the video, and then click the Advanced Download icon in the left corner to choose the audio track and subtitle language.

advanced download
Step 6 Download Videos

Click the download icon, and the video will be automatically downloaded and saved into the folder that you have set in step 3. You can check the downloaded videos in Library and locate the videos by clicking the File icon.

download video
Step 7 Play Videos on TV

Now you can transfer the downloaded videos to your USB Drive. Plug your USB Drive into the TV port and find the videos in local files. Play the video you want to watch on your TV.

Final Word

If you want to play Hulu video on TV through the internal app or screen casting, your TV must support Hulu app or screen casting devices. The simplest way is to use a USB Drive. With VidiCable, you can not only download videos from Hulu, but also different streaming platforms. Install VidiCable to enjoy the videos without device or ad limits on your TV.

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