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cancel disney+ membership

As a producer of movies and TV shows that every child must have watched during their growth, Disney has many loyal fans around the world. Unlike other famous streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ does not support a free trial for users, which means that if you are interested in a movie or TV show (such as Star Wars movies, Marvel films, and new original TV shows) on Disney+, you need to subscribe to its membership.

If you don’t want to be charged for next month’s membership, remember to cancel the membership as there’s an auto-renew after purchase. So, here you may ask: how can I cancel my Disney+ subscription? Don’t worry, now we can guide you step by step about how to cancel the Disney+ subscription on your phone, computer, Hulu, Roku, Google, Amazon and more.

1. Cancel Disney+ through

If you want to cancel your Disney+ subscription, the easiest way is to visit This page provides you with all the information you need about your account, including billing details, your subscribed Disney+ plan, billing history, and profile management options. You can easily manage your subscription by upgrading or downgrading your plan, editing your profile settings, and even cancelling your subscription altogether. With just a few clicks, you can take full control of your Disney+ account and subscription status.

Step 1 Open a brower on your computer and visit It will ask you to enter your account info, please enter.

Step 2 Click Disney+ (monthly) in the Subscription column.

disney+ monthly

Step 3 Select Cancel Subscription, choose the cancellation reason, and continue to cancel the subscription.

cancel subscription

2. Cancel Disney+ from iPhone or iPad

If you subscribe to Disney+ via Apple, then you need to access Apple's settings to cancel it, here are the steps:

Step 1 Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and tap your Apple ID on the top of the screen.

Step 2 Then tap Subscription.

cancel disney plus on iphone

Step 3 Select Disney+ Subscription from the list, click it and then Cancel Subscription.

cancel disney plus on iphone

3. Cancel Disney+ from Google Play Store (Android Phone)

Generally, you can follow the instructions below step by step to cancel Disney+ on phone.

Step 1 Launch Disney+ app on your phone and log in to your account.

Step 2 Tap on your profile icon and select Account.

cancel disney plus on phone

Step 3 Tap Disney+ in the Subscriptions column, and the interface will jump to the webpage of Disney+.

Step 4 Enter your e-mail address and password to log in.

Step 5 Select Disney+ (monthly) in your Subscription and tap Cancel Subscription.

Step 1 Open the Google Play Store, log in to your account and tap your profile in the upper-left corner.

Step 2 Choose Payments & subscriptions from the list and then tap Subscriptions.

cancel disney plus on google play store

Step 3 Choose your Disney+ subscription and cancel it.

You can also go to Google Play Store via a web browser. The process is similar.

4. Cancel Disney+ on Amazon

Amazon offers the option to add Disney+ as a channel to your Amazon Prime Video subscription. By doing so, you can access Disney+ content directly through your Amazon Prime Video account. If you subscribe Disney+ on Amazon, you need to go to Amazon website.

Step 1 Open your web browser and go to the Amazon website. Sign in to your Amazon account if necessary.

Step 2 Tap on the Account icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select "Memberships & Subscriptions" from the drop-down menu.

cancel disney plus on amazon

Step 3 Look for your Disney+ subscription on the list of memberships and subscriptions created through Subscribe with Amazon. Tap "Manage Subscription" to continue.

cancel disney plus on amazon

Step 4 You will then be offered a dropdown menu of options. Select "Membership" from them.

Step 5 Finally, select "End membership" and follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation of your Disney+ subscription.

5. Cancel Disney+ on Hulu

Hulu provides the Disney+ Bundle, allowing subscribers to access both Hulu and Disney+ content. If you've subscribed to the Disney Bundle or the Disney+ (With Ads) Add-on through Hulu, you can manage it directly on the Hulu website.

Step 1 Go to Hulu account page.

Step 2 Scoll download and you will see an option "Cancel Your Subscription".

cancel disney plus on hulu

Step 3 Click it and confirm your choice.

6. Cancel Disney+ on Roku

If you subscribe to Disney+ on Roku devices, you can manage your subscription on it.

Step 1 From the home screen, find and select Disney+.

cancel disney plus on roku

Step 2 Press the star on the your remote.

Step 3 Choose Manage subscription and then Cancel subscription.

cancel disney plus on roku

7. Cancel Diseny+ on Verizon

Step 1 Open the My Verizon app and tap the "Account" tab located at the bottom of the app..

Step 2 From there, tap on "Services & perks" and then select "See All" from the 'Manage Services & Perks' section. Look for the 'Disney+' section and tap on "Manage."

Note that: Managing Disney+ isn't available in the My Verizon app on Apple devices unless included in your plan.

Step 3 From the 'Manage' section, tap Cancel subscription. A 'Change in Disney+' screen will appear, tap on "Remove," and then tap "Continue" at the bottom.

cancel disney plus on verizon

Step 4 Finally, click on "Remove Disney+" to confirm your cancellation.

Bonus: Keep Wacthing Disney+ After Subscription Ends?

The cancellation of membership does not compromise your use of Disney+, you can still enjoy and save movies and TV shows from Disney+ before the current plan expires. However, when the plan expires, you will be not allowed to access any downloaded videos owing to the limitations imposed by Disney+. If you want to keep your downloaded Disney+ videos, here we can recommend a powerful tool named VidiCable for you.

Tool Required: VidiCable All-in-one Recorder

VidiCable is an all-in-one recorder that allows you to capture and save videos without any restrictions. It supports over 15 websites, including but not limited to Disney+, Amazon, and Netflix. Simply use VidiCable to save videos in MKV or MP4 file formats to your device before your Disney+ subscription expires. This way, even after the subscription has ended, you can continue to access the previously recorded videos.

vidicable video downloader

Features of VidiCable Disney+ Downloader:

  • Capture and record movies from various sources.
  • Convert movies to different file formats for compatibility with different devices.
  • Offer customizable settings like subtitles, audio tracks, and video quality.
  • Access a vast library of movies and stream them directly.
  • Safe and clean, no ads or any plugins.
Download Win Download Mac

Tutorial: How to Download Disney+ Videos with VidiCable

Follow the tutorial below and save as many videos with VidiCable as possible before your current plan expires.

Step 1 Select Website

Launch VidiCable on your computer and select Disney+ in the pop-up switch-website page.

select website
Step 2 Log into Disney+ Account

You will enter an interface that looks the same as the Disney+ main page. Next, please log in to your Disney+ account.

Step 3 Add Disney+ Videos

Just like you would with Disney+, click SEARCH to go to the search box. If you've already added the film of your choice to your list ahead of time, just click WATCHLIST.

search videos
Step 4 Make Some Settings

In order for you to watch the downloaded film as normal after the Disney+ membership has expired, you now need to change the output format of the video to MP4 or MKV. Click on the Settings button to do so.

select download settings
Step 5 Select Video Quality

Depending on the storage space of your device, you are free to choose the quality of the video. Normally, the higher quality video takes up more space.

Click on the green Download button, (which will change colour automatically when you enter the video details page), if it's a TV series, you will be taken to the window for selecting episodes first, then click on Advanced Download to enter the window for adjusting the video quality.

If it's a film, you will go directly to the advanced settings window.

advanced download
Step 6 Locate Disney+ Shows

Click Download now and you'll only have to wait a few minutes to find successfully downloaded episodes in the Library. By clicking on the folder icon to the right of the video, you will be taken directly to the path where the video is stored.

download video

Don’t waste your membership! Now try VidiCable and save as many videos as possible in your PC before your membership expires.


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