How to Download Disney+ Movies to MP4 Format

As a big competitor of Netflix, Disney+ has developed fast to take the streaming market. Under the situation of soaring prices and inflation, people become budget-conscious about entertainment expenses. With Netflix raising its subscription prices, more and more people are considering cancellation of auto-renewal. Disney+ stands out with a relatively low subscription price and equally high-quality content.

Users can access all Disney+ content within the subscription, yet you cannot watch any content from Disney+ after expiration even though you have downloaded the video. Disney+ has made restrictions so that users can only download videos to the internal app and the videos should be watched within 30 days and finished watching within 48 hours.

However, there is actually a way to get rid of the restrictions. You can download movies from Disney+ to MP4 format as long as you use a Disney+ video downloader. Here we can recommend you a powerful Disney+ video downloader named VidiCable.

download disney+ video in mp4 format

Tool Required: VidiCable Disney+ Video Downloader

VidiCable is an all-in-one software that helps you save videos from more than 15 streaming platforms. You can select any platform to download movies to MP4 or MKV format. The output quality of the downloaded videos can reach at most 1080P (Disney+ videos can only reach 720P due to technical restriction) and the videos can keep the original multilingual subtitles and audio tracks. Once the videos are downloaded, they will be free from restrictions, you can save them forever and paly them on any device.

vidicable video downloader

Features of VidiCable:

  • Output Disney+ movies or shows to MP4 or MKV format.
  • Browse and watch Pixar movies, live-action films and more within the app.
  • Support Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and more as well.
  • Keep HD quality, in general 1080P, and up to 8K for YouTube videos.
  • Safe and clean, no ads or any plugins.
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Tutorial: How to Download Disney+ Movies to MP4 Format with VidiCable

Prior to proceeding with the tutorial, please ensure that you have installed VidiCable on your computer, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Then just proceed to read the tutorial and effortlessly download videos in MP4 format using VidiCable.

Step 1 Select Website

Launch VidiCable on your computer. Click the icon to the left of the Setting button, then you can select Disney+ to download videos from in the pop-up window.

select website
Step 2 Log in to Disney+ Account

Next, you can click Sign In to input your Disney+ information and select profile.

Step 3 Choose MP4 Format

Once you log in to your Disney+ account, you can then customize the output settings as you like. Click the setting button icon to open the Settings window. Then you can set MP4 as the downloaded video format.

select download settings
Step 4 Search for Videos

With its built-in Disney+ browser, VidiCable Video Downloader lets users interact with the software as if they were on the original platform. Now, you can start finding the video by entering the name of the video in the search box or viewing the Disney+ content.

search videos
Step 5 Set Download Settings

Select the video's thumbnail, and you'll be directed to the detailed page. Meanwhile, the download button located in the lower right corner will transform from gray to green.

For a Disney+ TV series, you can click the download button icon to decide which episode and season to download. If you need to adjust more options, such as specific resolution, subtitle language, and others, you can click on "Advanced Download" to access the advanced settings window.

For a Disney+ movie, you can click the Download icon to set the above options.

advanced download
Step 6 Download Disney Plus to MP4

Finally, just click Download to save Disney+ videos in MP4 format. Just wait a few minutes, you'll be able to find the downloaded MP4 video files in the folder you've chosen in the Setting window. Now you can enjoy your Disney+ videos without limits.

download video


Having downloaded Disney+ videos as MP4 format, you can enjoy them at any time without a time limit. Also, you can no longer be disturbed by the ads. VidiCable has such great functions, we believe that it is your best choice. Install VidiCable on your computer now and download Disney+ video in MP4 format!


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